Saturday, October 4, 2014

Simple Farro Side Dish

Village Harvest Farro Perlato Italian Whole Grain is my favorite Farro brand. 

It is a type of hard wheat with a hull (like a corn kernel). 

It tastes similar to a barley grain (but nutty and chewy). Some people prefer it crunchy or hard, I prefer it soft if used as a side dish or in any dish. I cook Farro according to the directions but for 50 minutes and it still has some chewiness! Add ¼ cup more water if you use the 2 cup water recipe, and add ½ of a large beef (or any flavor) bouillon cube. If needed, keep cooking it on low until the water has absorbed and evaporated (the pot's lid may need to be opened a little towards the end; stir frequently). Try it with chicken and other meat dishes such as BBQ pork shoulder steaks. The last time I made it, I kept it simple because the BBQ pork sauce had plenty of flavor but sauted onion and garlic can be added for more flavor. Try it in your next soup! This is not a gluten free food.



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