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Hi, I am Alissa. Thanks for stopping by.

At the same time that I started this blog, I was caring and cooking for my grandmother Elsa. 

I cooked all her meals for the last six years of her life until the day she passed away, December 20th, 2013. Elsa lived to be 103. While I cooked for Elsa,  I researched, and used ingredients that improved her health issues that we all develop as we get older.

I never took the time to write a recipe down, until I started to post them for friends and family. I usually create them on the spot, tasting and adding ingredients as I go along. Some recipes belonged to my grandmother. Some of the foods I eat in moderation, some I eat regularly, and others are entirely new to me.

You'll find that the recipes include all sorts of delicious food. Hopefully, the recipes and tips that I have posted will inspire you to cook creatively and joyfully for yourself and loved ones.

When I  am not posting recipes, I am busy with my art, inventions and photography. I love creating, and coming up with ideas that make our life simpler.

I also enjoyed making people look and feel better; I was a master hairstylist, and colorist for 25 years in addition to an artist; I chose to end my cosmetologist career when my grandmother needed me more.

Please check out my available art for sale, and the other links on the blog for more recipes, the latest news about food safety and recalls, a few of my favorite Amazon finds that make life easier. Use the Google Recipe Search Engine link for additional recipe searches.



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