Monday, August 18, 2014

The Great Egg Sandwich

Serves 2

This is dedicated to Joseph Checkler
And, to all the restaurants that should be serving great egg sandwiches! 


  • 2 Poppy or Sesame seed bagels.
  • 2 slices of American cheese.
  • 2 slices of bacon (large sections of fat removed and discarded (use ham or sausage if you like).
  • Instant grits pack cooked in 1/2 cup water (don't add salt, it usually has plenty of sodium).
  • Handful of sliced, yellow baby potatoes.
  • 2 fresh eggs..
  • Whipped cream cheese or whipped jalapeno cream cheese (if you like it hot!). 
  • No other salt or seasoning, black pepper optional.

If you're like me and could never eat an entire package of American cheese by the time it expires, then when a recipe calls for American Cheese, purchase Lunchables; they have the cutest tiny slices of American cheese! Someone tell the cheese makers to start selling smaller packages of sliced cheese in all grocery stores! I used the cheese from two lunchables to make two egg sandwiches.


Fry the bacon, preferably with a cast iron skillet & bacon press. Towel blot excess fat..

Fry the potatoes in leftover bacon fat until they start to turn golden brown.

Blot excess fat!

Place bagels in a 350 oven; get them crispy on the outside while eggs fry.

Eggs are fried in the bacon fat after the potatoes.

Remove bagels from the oven and slice them in half while eggs are still cooking.

Blot eggs to remove excess fat!

While removing excess fat from eggs, 
place the bottom of the bagels (with cheese) in the broiler until golden brown.

Time to make the sandwiches. 
Add the bacon.

Add the grits :)

Add the potatoes.

Add the egg. If the egg white will hang over the side of the bagel, cut it, 
then place the excess white on the sandwich first, and the yolk part on top.

Pierce the egg yolk so it won't explode when you bite into it!

Plain cream cheese is used on the left; Jalapeno cream cheese on the right.
(The inside, top of bagels are not toasted, the outer-side is crispy)
A few potato slices were added to the center of the pierced egg
(for safety measures) to keep yolks from escaping out of the hole:)

Doesn't matter, egg yolk comes out of the hole with the slightest pressure on the bagel. 
If you put the yolk facing down, then there is no telling where it will run off to:) 
Best to leave it facing up. 
If you prefer, scrambled eggs taste just as good!

Slice and serve with any leftover grits and potatoes.

The sandwich must be eaten with a Mexican Coke!
Any other way will not work!
Someone tell Coca-Cola why bother with anything but Mexican Coke. 
Regular coke taste watered down even after the first sip.
It's not as healthy as Mexican Coke (if Coke were healthy!)

Wrap leftovers well, eat cold or reheated!
Make them ahead of time, and freeze them. 
To heat them in a microwave, heat them for a couple of minutes, 
(check in brief increments) so that they don't over cook.


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