Sunday, June 22, 2014

Avocado Bagel Sandwich

1 Serving :)

This is a quick, delicious sandwich.

Plan bagel with garlic powder toasted: Some Smart Balance spread and sliced Avocado. No salt needed if your spread has sodium; you know the bagel already has sodium! 

Prolonging avocado shelf life is difficult especially when you want to use it for a few meals.

Wash  fruit and vegetable skins prior to slicing or eating instead of washing them when you bring them home from the store; helps prolong their life and reduce molding from moisture.

In order to help an avocado last for a few days, slice it from one end as you use it; sprinkle a little lemon juice on the opened end, and wrap it in NEW plastic every time you prepare a meal.  

Keep it refrigerated once it is ripe or opened; usually it is ripe when you can easily move the outer skin by pressing on it; if it is too soft, it will be too mushy to slice or even over-ripe and possibly rotten. If it is not ripe enough to the touch, keep it on the counter until it is.

If you are planning to use an entire avocado once you open it, then you want to cut it lengthwise in half, pluck the seed out and peel away the skin (like a banana). Try not to cut it into too many slices while using a metal knife, as I read many years ago (and learned from my uncle) that metal can reduce the potency of vitamins. I have seen where produce gets a funky dark color after it has been sliced and stored in the refrigerator. There are lots of coated, ceramic and plastic knives on the market today that will come in handy for slicing produce.

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