Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How To Cook and Eat The Yummiest Artichoke

 How To Cook An Artichoke

 How To Eat An Artichoke

Have plenty of napkins and an extra bowl nearby.

1. Start at the bottom and work your way up. 

2. Pick off a petal by holding a previous cut end like a potato chip, and dip it in butter and lemon juice or try some different sauces. Use both of your thumbs and index fingers; place the entire soft side down on your tongue. While gently biting down and pulling the petal from your mouth, simultaneously scrape the flesh off with your bottom teeth and eat the soft flesh.  If you prefer to scrape with your top teeth, then flip the soft side up.

3. Be careful not to prick your fingers when you get to the inner petals that were not cut and still have thorns; hold the artichoke in one hand while you pull off the entire inner crown with your other hand. You should be able to pull off all the remaining petals at once, (similar to removing a wine cork). Discard the inner petals for now; you will enjoy the baby petals more when you are better experienced at eating artichokes. I usually eat the soft part of the inner petals as soon as I remove them; (as long as there aren't any fibers attached) I nibble at the bottom of the bunch while still holding on to it.

4. Now the choke is revealed, almost there!

5. Remove the choke using a spoon; scrape the fibers up and towards the center until you see the smooth heart below. You could easily remove the entire choke fibers in one piece or they will be separated and a little messier-discard the choke fibers. 

6. The heart is now ready to eat; reheat your juice or sauce if it is cold by now. If you are too tired to finish your heart, save it for another recipe, salad or sandwich. The little stem left below the heart is edible but you may find a fiber strand or two that is tough, just discard the fiber.

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